Hi!  My name is Michael Murphy and welcome to the ‘About Me’ part of the site. I’d rather my images do the talking, but I’m told you might care to know a little bit about me and what makes me tick. First, I’m a second generation native South Floridian. My mom and I both were born in Miami.  Yes, I’ve seen a lot of changes and quite a few hurricanes. I grew up in western Broward, in an area now known as Southwest Ranches on a 5 acre mini-ranch. We raised cows and horses and I think that’s were I developed my love for animals. It was also the very beginning of my pet photography!

I spent 14 years selling real estate and decided I wanted to do something more creative. I applied at a very well known studio and spent one year learning everything I could about portraits, wedding photography and headshots. I operated out of my home for the next 7 years and in 1997 I opened my first studio on Wilton Drive. 2 years later I moved to a 1600 square foot warehouse/studio and it’s been non-stop ever since.

And I have to mention the fuzzy, 4 legged little guy who runs the office, Marcus. It seems more people visit the studio to see him, than me!

Finally, I’m very blessed and I consider myself lucky to be able to give back to so many worthwhile groups and charities. Please read more about my philanthropy in the causes area.

I am very happy that my profession allows me to capture people and then share those images with the world.  Often those images are used to help charities and causes further their out reach. One of my  favorite charities is The Heart Gallery. Photographers donate their time to shoot kids who are looking for their Forever Families. Their parental rights have been severed by the state and are now available for adoption. There are roving displays that ‘advertise’ these special children and if you have 4 minutes, please watch the video- linked above.  I am blessed to say that as of this writing, two of ‘my’ kids have been adopted!

Legal Aid of Broward is another non-profit that provides pro-bono legal work for the most needy in our community. I am proud to be their professional photographer for about 7 years now.

Coming soon: Broward Days, Leadership Broward, AHF Healthcare and Covenant House.


Photobooth Rental Wiki – How To Find The Best Wedding Deals

Let’s face it most of us aren’t professional photographers and we all want our most memorable instants in existence to be recorded perfectly. This is the reason a photographer is still a must have at any wedding. Something that most do not think of is to take advantage of a photo-booth rental.

Individuals can’t resist perhaps not much going on and leaping in to a photo-booth when there is some downtime. Envision the wedding ceremony has ended, groom and the bride are off taking family photos and receiving their portraits done. The remainder of the guests get kind of bored. You’ve considered that and took the initiative in receiving a photo-booth rental. The invitees could have a blast astonishing you with tons of photo’s ranging from true group pictures to the comical jokes that are inside that you just might have, to the just plain daft photos that make us giggle.

When you make the most of a photo booth rental, the amount of pictures that you have for your scrapbook increases exponentially. A wedding photographer is only one person running around attempting to capture the event all and can miss chances for amazing photos. Without needing to monitor and hunt off your photographer having a photo booth rental will give your visitors a position to go model for the cam anytime they feel like it.

A photobooth lease brings in a additional benefit to groom and the bride in the form of some brief reprieves of seclusion. Not everyone might wish to just slip away for a couple of brief seconds and be as a couple and desires to function as the center of attention for an entire evening. To stare into each other’s eyes, hold each other and simply catch your breath.

There is pressure when you own a photo booth rental and no mess. They may be set up together with all the colours of your wedding motif. The picture quality of a photo booth rental will generally rival that of a professional photographers. Much more astonishing is you will get a picture book that same night by the end of the event without needing to watch for the photographer to develop the graphics which at occasions can consider weeks.

Photo booth rentals may also come with props and costumes which will let your guests to truly have a blast and get a little goofy. People might discuss the photobooth rental encounter for months after your party as they will be reminded every time they view a photo of this one occasion. You will know for certain how well of a reach the photo booth lease is when you see that midway through your get together there is a-line of people waiting to jump into the photo-booth.

Is The Lowest Priced Car Insurance The Best?

We see countless auto insurance advertisements on TV all the time with geckos and sometimes silly displays of how your can get the least expensive auto insurance. However, is the most economical always the best?

You’ll be able to look online and find numerous services that will get you competitive quotes from various car insurance companies. This may give you a very good idea by giving you costs as to how things stack up between the businesses.

Your coverage is detailed by the declarations page for collision, liability and so on. The reason that this is vital is that you want to ensure that you’re comparing apples for apples.

Only go to a few of the websites of the major insurance companies once you have done that, and get estimates from that point.

A discount on your own premium is certainly worth investigating and could not be less with some companies than others. For example, having taking a defensive driving class recently will win you a discount with several businesses as will an accident free driving record for the last few years.

As they could give you comparison estimates using their companies make an effort to contact a local independent agency. They will probably be licences with businesses that aren’t so visible, however they’re businesses that are good however. The agent will be quite educated in this area and could have prices which are extremely competitive.

The least expensive car insurance costs are the worst because you can find several other factors that enter in that can affect the situation.

Low Car Insurance Quotes

Low car insurance quotes really are a possibility when you compare a variety of car insurance carrier against each other. There are many car insurance providers in the marketplace today such as Amica, USAA, State Farm, Allstate, Hartford, Progressive and many other independent brokers. All of the car insurance companies have something in common. They will do whatever it takes to get it and all need your business.

This type of approach is very good for you the buyer. This allows one to get the cheapest car insurance rate while in the same time receiving decent coverage. It is possible to select your automobile insurance policy by going into a firm’s office or by seeing the website of the firm. Both of these options will offer the same low cost whichever you feel more comfortable with is the one which you must select to you.

The most crucial thing that before buying any automobile insurance policy you must do is always to ensure that you understand if the company which you pick is providing that coverage and what type of coverage you require. For doing this extensive research the reward will likely be the dollars you save for is noopept safe.

No one loves to spend their hard-won money buying insurance may it be auto insurance, house insurance, or life insurance. However, these types of insurances really are a requirement for having a protected piece of mind. Therefore, as you have to buy automobile insurance ensure that you will get the very best low auto insurance quote as possible with a compare auto insurance reference guide or site. In the long term it might save you thousands of dollars.

As we been told, the miter saw reviews can be found here for now!

See Spot

See Spot Run

Run Spot Run!

Quick, you’ve got 5 minutes…

Business has been great these last two months. Andy, Blake and Alex have been shooting like crazy and you know I haven’t stopped. And clients are very pleased and referring even more work in. I’m blessed to have such an incredible clientele. I’m realizing that I may need a personal assistant soon!

This week was fun with a variety of shoots of above ground pool reviews. multiple business meetings to be covered, Barry University Dedication and Dinner, Comcast Cares Day, a golf tournament and a nice oceanfront reception and dinner.  And a whole half a day off!  Wow.

I leave on Thursday to shoot a wedding in Olympia, Washington and I plan on trying some new things out there. It’s a never ending quest to better my end product and keep it challenging. Check out my facebook page. There is a link in the CONTACT area of this website.

Much love,



It’s ALIVE!  (apologies to Young Frankenstein)  Rushing out the door to shoot Leadership Broward’s 2011 Fun Lunch but wanted to get in the rhythm of blogging. I’m so excited that my site is up and running. The old site was fantastic and served me well, but it’s on to bigger and better things.  Thank you Chris Caputo and MetroMediaWorks for your hard work and keeping on me to finish MY part of the process!

Well, what do you think?  Comments?  Please use the FACEBOOK link on the CONTACT page and hit LIKE!

Thank you, Michael

Well it’s about to launch and I needed to write something…

Ok, this will be my place to write about photography. Hints on how to shoot better photos, newest photo apps for your phone or iPad, all about MY photography and yes, I’ll even answer questions from you!  For tonight, it’s just a few quick words to fill up space until I start blogging.

Thank you for stopping by!  Michael

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